Eating What Eats You (Or Your Home!)

Have you ever given any thought about the sewer lines that carry the waste out of your home? Click here to learn what you didn't know.

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Eating What Eats You (Or Your Home!)

11 May 2017
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Most people are surprised to learn that many insects that are considered pests are actually edible for humans. While it sounds rather nasty, these particular pests are an important food source in many nations, as they provide a good source of protein. If you are currently living in a house with some of these pests, and you cannot afford food, you might consider eating them. It is that or trying to figure out how to pay pest control services to remove what could be a decent meal.


Ants, particularly little red ants, honey ants and sugar ants, are somewhat sweet with a little crunch to them. This type of pest loves to raid your cabinets, even if you have no food in the house. A granule of sugar or a drop of syrup is enough to get a colony to move in on your domicile. They are difficult to catch without the use of poisonous bait and traps, and if you poison them, you cannot eat them.


Termites, because of their diet of wood, have a consistently nutty sort of flavor. If you cannot get past their appearance, you could always turn them into a paste and eat them that way. If there are just too many in your house for you to kill and consume, termite control services can help eliminate any you do not eat or do not want to eat.


The thought is really horrendous to most people, but you can eat a scorpion. The only thing you should not eat is the stinger, which can be removed before you boil the pest alive and chomp down on it. Otherwise, you can also skewer it on a sucker stick and dip it into hard candy syrup to transform it into a sucker/lollipop. Since scorpions will rarely come into your home in hordes, you may just want to scoop it up and dump it back outside.


While groundhogs are not likely to munch on you, they will dig up your garden, burrow underneath your house, and maybe even come in through a crawl space or basement. If you can catch the little buggers, they are fairly tasty and quite safe to eat. Those that have eaten groundhog liken them to muskrat or beaver; rather gamey but palatable with the right spices. Again, if groundhog for dinner is not quite your cup of soup, a pest control expert like Environmental Services Pest Control can help remove the furry critters.