What Dumpster Rental Services Do To Shield Driveways From Damage

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What Dumpster Rental Services Do To Shield Driveways From Damage

6 May 2022
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Debris can mess up your home. Pests and animals may be attracted to these elements and may even get into your kitchen. Luckily, renting a garbage container can help you eliminate all trash from your landscape. However, because these containers are huge and heavy, they may scratch your pavement's surface. The chemicals in them may also stain your landscape and cause an ugly appearance. The good news is that a dumpster rental service can preserve your driveway and shield it from damage while ensuring that you have an excellent place to dispose of trash. This article discusses three ways these companies will do that. 

Hardboard Installation

Hardboards offer a great base that can hold a trash can of any size. Rental companies know the suitable plywood to select for every dumpster. They'll get you sheets that can cover the whole ground where you'll place your container. They'll also ensure that the hardboard is uniform to evenly support the container's weight and preserve your pavement's surface. If you have a tight budget, they can get you woodblocks. Although these may not cover a large surface area, they can still keep the dumpster from denting your landscape. 

Weight Distribution

Most people don't like touching trash and would throw trash into the container from a safe distance. While it may be okay to do that, your waste may pile on one side of the container, put pressure on your pavement, and dent it. If you don't want to spend a lot of money patching up ugly dents on your surface, contact a rental company. These professionals have all the required equipment to evenly distribute waste in a trash container and keep it from piling on one side. If they come to your home regularly, the weight of your trash will always be evenly distributed, and you won't need to worry about cracks forming on your pavement.

Inspecting Leaks

Chemicals may corrode your garbage container and cause it to leak. Rental companies usually offer these containers in top condition. They may also train you on how to dispose of your trash to keep chemicals from reacting with the container's surface. If you notice that the area around your container is wet, it's advisable to contact the company. They'll inspect the dumpster and fix the leaking areas to protect your driveway from soaking. If it's too rusty, they'll get you another container immediately. 

Renting a dumpster is one way to ensure that your landscape and home are free from trash. But if you want to protect your driveway from damage, contact a dumpster rental company. They'll take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your driveway is in top condition and your rental experience is positive.