How To Effectively Remove Wildlife In An Attic

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How To Effectively Remove Wildlife In An Attic

4 April 2023
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If your home has an attic and there are openings around it, you may eventually have wildlife enter this area. You probably want to get rid of this animal as quickly as possible. In that case, here are some removal tactics to focus on. 

Figure Out What the Animal Is

You need to quickly find out just what type of animal has entered your attic because this will give you insights on what removal tactics to focus on. Just try to peek your head into the attic to see if you can make a proper identification. Then you can look up specific removal advice on that animal. For instance, if you see that a raccoon has gotten into the attic, you know this pest is smart and will require sophisticated removal tactics. You also know raccoons can have a painful bite, so you need to use extra precautions when you try to remove this animal from your attic. 

Try Trapping the Animal First

If you want to make sure the animal in your attic isn't harmed throughout this removal process, then trapping may be the way to go. If you can just find a way to lure the animal inside a trap, you can catch and release them around a suitable environment that they'll actually want to be around. You just need to make sure you use some type of cage that's large enough for the animal in your attic. Also, use the appropriate bait so that the animal feels the urge to go inside the cage. Then you just have to keep checking on the trap until it works in your favor.

Hire a Professional if the Animal Is Dangerous

If you realize the animal in your attic is dangerous, whether it's because of its behavior or bacteria it may be carrying, then you should leave this wildlife removal up to a seasoned professional who's dealt with the same type of animal many times before. They can use their wisdom and specialty resources to avoid injury, even if the animal in your attic acts out in aggression. Once the animal is removed, they can help you figure out how it got in the attic in the first place and then repair the appropriate structures.

If you find wildlife in your attic, you want to be very careful with the removal tactics you use. Just study the specific situation at hand until you know which paths to take. 

Contact a local wildlife removal service, such as Acorn Wildlife solutions, to learn more.