2 Reasons The Roll-Off Dumpsters At Your Construction Site Stinks, And How To Fix Them

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2 Reasons The Roll-Off Dumpsters At Your Construction Site Stinks, And How To Fix Them

1 October 2015
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Does your construction company toss all the unused remnants of building materials into a roll-off dumpster? Do you notice stinky odors coming from the dumpster, even though it's not used for any kind of food or household waste? If so, you've likely got one of the below 2 problems on your hands. 

Your Dumpster Is Getting Visitors

There are dishonest people out there who don't want to pay for their own trash removal, so they go ahead and stick it in somebody else's trash bin. If that bin happens to be at your construction site, and if that personal garbage happens to be food or household waste, there's a good chance you'll experience some foul odors before the roll-off truck comes and hauls the dumpster away.

If somebody has dumped their household trash in your rented construction site dumpster, simply because it was accessible, it's considered theft-of-services and punishable by law.

To deter trash dumpers, hang a sign near the dumpster informing the public that using a dumpster without permission is illegal and that you will seek legal action should they choose to do so. A motion-sensitive camera may be necessary to actually catch a culprit in the act, but a dummy-camera is far cheaper and will likely create enough question in the dumper's mind to deter them from using your bin for their garbage.

You can also ask your roll-off dumpster rental company if they have a locking tarp cover that fits your bin. While not foolproof (the tarp could be cut by a really determined dumper), the culprit will probably just move on and find an easier dump site for his or her waste when encountered with such an obstacle.

Of course, not all people who throw perishables into your construction site dumpster have ill intent. How accessible is your dumpster to passers-by?  If it's sitting close to the street, there is a chance that people walking by think it's actually there for them to toss out the occasional candy bar wrapper or half-empty soda can. When enough people decide to use your bin for their little bit of waste, it can accumulate to a lot of trash and a few stinky smells.

If you think your dumpster smells might be the result of lots of people throwing out a little bit of garbage rather than a frequent, blatant theft-of-services by a select few individuals, then placing a small, basket-style bin next to your roll-off with a "place trash here" sign might be all you need. You can change the small bin frequently, and return it to the local waste facility yourself, or ask your municipal to pick up the duty when they tend to other public trash receptacles.

You could also try simply moving your dumpster a bit more toward the center of the property so passers-by get the hint that it's not for public use.

Your Dumpster Has An Insect Or Rodent Infestation

Why would rodents or bugs want anything to do with a non-food containing dumpster? Well, the dumpster's contents isn't non-food to them. A lot of insect quite enjoy munching on wood, drywall, or even glue; and most rodents would be happy to take any insulation or cardboard you don't need and use it to build their nest.

If your roll-off dumpster is infested with rodents and insects to a great enough extent, you're going to begin to smell their excrement, their decomposing bodies when they pass away, and any bits of food that they happen to bring back to their happy dumpster-den. 

To prevent rodents or insects from taking up shelter in your construction site dumpster, keep the grounds around it tidy. These critters will feel much more comfortable hanging out in your dumpster if it's sitting in tall grass and surrounded by a bunch of bushes. Have the dumpster emptied regularly, and spray it out with a high-pressure hose. Make sure you replace the drain hole plugs after spraying, though, so you don't provide easy-access entry to dumpster-loving pests.

Unused building materials don't stink, so if you're experiencing foul odors in the rental dumpster at your construction site, you've got a problem on your hands. Ask a dumpster rental facility like Tri-State Disposal if they've noticed any signs of human household trash or seen any rodents or insects in your construction site waste, and then use the information above to act accordingly.