Have you ever given any thought about the sewer lines that carry the waste out of your home? Click here to learn what you didn't know.

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Have you ever given any thought about the sewer lines that carry the waste out of your home? Do you even know where the sewer lines run through your yard? If not, it is important that you find out. If you have trees growing near the sewer line, you could end up with some serious problems that aren't that easy to fix. On this blog, you will find information about how to find your sewer lines, what you can do to protect them and what you need to do if the lines rupture or get punctured and clogged by the root of a tree.

Need A Cheap Way To Heat Your Home This Winter? You Can Make Your Own Biodiesel Fuel

20 January 2016
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If you're tired of choosing between high winter heating bills and bundling up in a hat and gloves for a trip to the restroom, you may be investigating some cheaper sources of heat for your home. Unfortunately, many of the systems with the lowest ongoing costs (like exterior wood stoves and geothermal heat pumps) are expensive to install, and you may find it easier to pay a high utility bill each month than shell out thousands (or tens of thousands) for a new heating system. Read More …

How Can Business Owners Take Advantage Of Low Oil Prices?

20 October 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

With the price of crude oil recently hitting an extended slump, you may be wondering whether there is anything you can do as a business owner to take advantage of these low prices both now and in the future. Indeed, high oil costs can impact a variety of prices-- you'll pay more for gasoline, utilities, and crude-based products (like plastic and tires); your profits may suffer, as residents avoid spending money at your business to help offset their higher gas budget; and your business taxes may even increase to help cover increased public paving costs. Read More …

3 Courses To Supplement Your Hazwoper Certification

14 October 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

If you are required to acquire hazwoper certification for you job, it is likely that your employer will select and pay for your course. However, if you get your hazwoper certification on your own in order to improve your chances of getting hired in a job that deals with hazardous materials or to volunteer in situations where hazardous materials may be present, there are several other courses that you should consider as well. Read More …

2 Reasons The Roll-Off Dumpsters At Your Construction Site Stinks, And How To Fix Them

1 October 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Articles

Does your construction company toss all the unused remnants of building materials into a roll-off dumpster? Do you notice stinky odors coming from the dumpster, even though it's not used for any kind of food or household waste? If so, you've likely got one of the below 2 problems on your hands.  Your Dumpster Is Getting Visitors There are dishonest people out there who don't want to pay for their own trash removal, so they go ahead and stick it in somebody else's trash bin. Read More …

Make Money And Help The Environment At The Same Time By Recycling Scrap Metal

3 October 2014
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Making money while helping to protect the environment is definitely possible. You don't have to give up all of your belongings and live off of wild plants in a tent in the woods to reduce your carbon footprint. You also don't have to abandon capitalism. The best of both worlds is available to you through scrap metal recycling. Here are the basics of making money by recycling scap metal and how doing so will help make the planet a better place to live for everyone. Read More …